19 December 2013

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I gave a talk at the latest Meteor Devshop a couple of weeks ago about Houston, the Django-Admin like tool that Greg, Geoff and I are working on for Meteor.

With over 200 stars on Github, I think we might almost be real Open Source Contributors now. It’s fun!

If you’re into web development and Javascript and real-timey things, check out Meteor.

If you already know about Meteor, you should try Houston.

If you already use Houston (whoa, thanks!) check out the feature wishlist and send us some pull requests!

PS. I thoroughly enjoyed TA-ing in college and I miss it, so public speaking on technical subjects is a ton of fun (though nerve-wrecking) for me. If you’ve got tips for things I should work on after seeing the talk, please email me!

Tags: #technical #meteor