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Migrating Divvy configurations between computers

I've been using Divvy the tiling tool for OSX (and windows) ever since I switched to using Macs full-time in 2010. It's great.

The Art of Rejection

At an event last week, I was introduced to the CEO of a post series-A startup I'd been following and found quite interesting. We spoke about his company ...

Hackathon Hacks for Organizers

To that end, here are some hackathon hacks I've noticed or come up with over the past few years. If you're working on putting together your next hackatho...

How PennApps Labs Came to Be

Cobol on Rails was built in PHP and mySQL. It was the first serious web project that a few friends and I undertook.

FundersClub: getting Crowdfunding right

If you can't get the top-tier companies, you can't get the companies that follow whatever top-tier companies do. You end up with wanterpreneurs tricking...

Being safe with mongodb

A quick public service announcement about MongoDB, for those of us new to NoSQL land

Sidecar and Digital Reputation Systems

Yes, if you're looking for Uber-like service at Taxi-like prices and aren't made uncomfortable by just how sketchy the whole thing feels.

My $370 Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Setup

that results in an email asking where one buys such a thing. One buys such a thing on amazon.

Weekend Hack: A Markov Baby Name Generator

a Markov Chain is a simple random process to generate text that looks sort of like other text.

Non-Technical Hiring, Lessons Learned

Our application form included several paragraph answers, forcing candidates to think and allowing me to evaluate their writing style. This proved very h...