10 June 2012

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I showed up at stumbled upon was tricked into an Iron Blogger SF meetup on Saturday, and was not allowed to have any of the beer until I found out what the meetup was about and convinced to partake.

Iron Blogger is simple.  

Write a blog post once a week.  If (and when) you don't: you owe $5.  When there's enough money in the digital pot to afford a sufficient quantity of beer, a meetup is convened.

Once a week is tough. My most interesting and well-read blog posts have typically consisted of lengthy write-ups or niche guides for hackathon organizers or Bay Area tech interns. It's not really blogging, per se - the writing model I aspire to most is Joel Spolsky, a sort of Joel without the wisdom, experience, or wit.

So this is very different, and I can't say I'm particularly comfortable with it. These coming posts won't all be what I consider ready-to-ship, or particularly well-researched or thorough.  I don't expect them to be nearly as well-read. Hopefully, they'll force me into improving my writing.

It's that or $5 a week.

Tags: #meta #self-indulgence #writing