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Working Remotely Crossed the Chasm on May 12, 2020

From academia to the Open Source movement, remote collaboration is not exactly novel. From Github to DuckDuckGo, remote-first successful businesses are n...

Confessions of a Deadbeat Open Source Maintainer

The year was 2013, Meteor was the hip new kid on the block and Coffeescript was a reasonable JS dialect choice. We were fresh out of college. Meteor was...

Test Driven Interviewing

TDD forces you into the ideal mindset for nailing down (1) problem definitions. There's no better way to properly grok a problem than to have to think th...

Dependonate: Donate to your dependencies

Giving back to open source projects you benefit from is one of those obviously-good-in-theory-confusing-in-practice ideas, like eating healthy or being c...

Flystein saved me over 1000 dollars on flight costs and all they got was this blog post

I spent about half an hour on Skyscanner and Google Flights, and couldn’t find flights for less than about $3,000. Which is a lot. At roughly the same ti...

Hackathon - A retrospective - a talk

in February about a hackathon we ostensibly threw.

Did I say Estonia? I meant Costa Rica

I'm putting Estonia on hold - still excited to go there, and hoping to do so in April or May, once it warms up again.

When visas turn into pumpkins

My US work visa runs out in a month, so I'm leaving for about a year to go travel. I start on August 2014.

Hackonomics 101

I helped organize HackCon, a conference for student hackathon organizers, this past weekend in NY.

Houston Admin Talk at Meteor Devshop 10

I gave a talk at the latest Meteor Devshop a couple of weeks ago about Houston, the Django-Admin like tool that Greg, Geoff and I are working on for Meteor.